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Elements of Retrofit - N.R. Walker When will I finally learn it? START A SERIES WHEN AT LEAST A FEW, IF NOT ALL BOOKS ARE OUT, STUPID!!! Now I did it again! I started this series - how many will there be, btw? 3? - and I loved this book, yes, really. This is what I call a romantic love story and the May/Dec. angle was an added plus. It has a wonderful pacing of the story, from start to finish. Yes, a bit fairy tale like but it totally fits the story line and the characters. *sigh* This could have been quite some pages longer. Now I have to wait til when? I think I read part 2 will be released end of the year and now I have the problem to still remember everything when that book finally will be released. Well, there is always the solution of a re-read.
Overall, what's missing for 5 stars, nothing but the continuation, of course:))