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Raining Men - Rick R. Reed 4.5 stars
It was a slow beginning, as Bobby's voice got on my nerves. So I put it aside, read something else, but then I returned and from chapter 2 on it was a very good read. Poor Bobby, following his journey wasn't fun, but very engaging to read. His character growth was believable, complete with relapse. What a joy when he was able to withstand another one! And to witness how much his little dog helped him along the line - very nice. My only niggle, yes I have one again, is, for me the development in the end was a bit too fast. Yes, there was attraction between Bobby and Aaron along the line, but nevertheless, I would have enjoyed to read a little bit more of their realizing, well at least on Bobby's side, that the right one was in front of him all the time. There was a very fitting epilogue, perhaps a bit too nicely wrapping up the story lines with Wade and Caden. But that's probably just me:)