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Downtime - Tamara Allen September Pick-It-For-Me-Challenge, picked by K.

This book was forever on my TBR. Kate managed to find it for my challenge and it really was a story out of my comfort zone. Historical and then ghosts on top of that:) Well, I started reading and couldn't get into it so I put it aside again - until a few days ago. Suddenly it clicked and I was totally into it! Finally a book telling a real story! It was a long book and on the one hand it felt as if I was reading it forever, on the other hand I didn't want it to end.

I liked how Morgan and Nash started out as not really liking each other, only to gradually move on to realizing that there was attraction, indeed:) I liked that this was about their getting to know each other, while searching for the book to get Morgan back to his own time and life and in between starting to work on the serial murder case. I liked that there was no explicit sex in this book, totally keeping it in the mindset of the time the story was set. I liked the secondary characters, a lot! And I especially liked the ending *sigh* Simply wonderful!
Anything I didn't like? Nope, therefore 5 stars.

So, thank you, Kate, for choosing this book for me and thank you Ms. Allen for writing such a wonderful story.