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Six Degrees of Lust - Taylor V. Donovan Finished and not sure how to rate it. For the longest time it was a 5 star read, until it became clear that the mystery/crime won't be solved. Ok, I haven't read any reviews for this book, I try to avoid that before finishing a book as I totally hate spoilers. That said, I knew that the author called this 'ensemble serial with continuing story lines', but silly me expected their relationship to be the ongoing story line with the added plus of crimes solved, like 'Bones' or 'CSI'. Yes, now I know how wrong that was.

I liked the writing style, I liked Mac, I liked the backstories of Mac and Sam, at least the bits we got to know, I liked Mac's dealing with Sam, I didn't like Sam's dealing with Mac, he was rather impossible and Mac was much too nice. I didn't like Mac's family at all, I didn't like the amount of characters in this story, it got confusing for this reader. I didn't like repetitive phrases - if I read one more time 'f**k him/you through the mattress' I might throw my kindle, at least across my couch:).
Nevertheless the writing got me to read on, wanting to know the solution of the crime and how the MCs got to their happy ending, at least a HFN.

When it became clear, both most probably won't happen I did what I normally try to avoid like the plague - I had a peek at the end of [b:Six Degrees of Separation|17791950|Six Degrees of Separation (By Degrees, #2)|Taylor V. Donovan|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1370127412s/17791950.jpg|24885423] and now I'm an even less happy camper as it looks like even then the crimes of this book aren't solved. Well, what I don't like besides spoilers are cliffhanger and now I'm not sure how to proceed - reading on as the story line now is fresh in my mind, knowing there will be no solution, or waiting til the final installment will be released, whenever that might be (how many books are there to come?) and then having forgotten most of the content of this book and the next?

With regard to all that, I stick to 3 stars.