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Gilliflowers (Memoirs of a Houseboy, #4) - Gillibran Brown Oh my - what a read! Somehow I had major problems to finally getting into it, started about 3 times and stopped again, until I chose it for my challenge and had to read on. And I'm very glad that I sticked to it. Poor Gilli, really, mostly he is his own worst enemy. I can understand his problems with having something vital in his social environment just plain forbidden forever, but really - at some point he just had to accept and forget about it. And Shane and Dick, yes, they are doing what they think is the best with regard to his epilepsy, but the way they implemented it was rather harsh. A little bit more talking on both sides would have done wonders. And anyway - the men folk, sorry guys, not everything is solved with a spanking! Insensitive - that's what Shane is most of the time and yes, in this book there were more signs of Shane and Dick really liking Gilli, but equal amounts of time they do what they accuse Gilli doing - seeing what they want to see. The beginning of the scene near the end, the one between Shane and Gilli - well, yes thankfully my Kleenex were handy. And still, Gilli's sorrow about his mom's situation - neither Shane nor Dick got it. Yes, the book ended on a positive note and I really want to read more of their life, but this book was a gripping read and it will stay with me for quite some time.