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The Brat-tastic Jayk Parker - J.A. Rock As soon as I saw the release of this book - I had to read it! I even put a buddy read on hold, because I loved the Wacky Wednesday book just soo much. Well, let's say, it didn't meet my expectations. Jayk was still funny and loveable, Amon was the sensible one, so far so good. But when the body switch happend and suddenly there was the female-body-Jayk - sorry, it lost me. Didn't find it funny, but annoying. His first being adamatly opposed his new 'outfit' only to then embracing it more than fully - way over the top. The ending couldn't save it. Am I glad I read it? Oh, well. Am I glad I put other books on hold, not really.
This is my opinion, others might love this book.