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Deliver Us - Lynn Kelling Made it up to 38%, but can't do it anymore. The writing style was ok, at least it got me to reading on, wanting to know what happens next. In the beginning our straight hero went to this private BSDM club to experience something new. Naive as he was, he started his first scene and already there it started for me to be a horrible story. Poor guy got all his hard limits, which were already only a few, blatantly ignored. Safeword issued, then duct taped sorry that came later, first it was a ball gag, shut his mouth without any other means to stop the whole thing only to in the end have sex with the dom. Result? Straight hero was smitten, yes, indeed. Met his dom again, private and at the club and suddenly being a happy gay man saying things like 'I'm yours! I'll do whatever you want me to do'. Yes, and let's not forget the friend who supplied the phone number in the first place. Another bdsm relationship with a dom bulldozing away all with the justification 'I've got you!'. Yes, I'm a bit aggravated. First the dom/sub relationships and then suddenly, don't know when, all this moved into a big soap opera. I love you, no you don't love me, don't leave me, I won't leave you, if you take this punishment I will never leave you, yes, I'll do everything just don't leave me. Oh my. And then I got to the watersports scene and after that Ben and Kyle's big revelation scene and that was that.
I really like reading BDSM stories, but what I had to read in this book was more like bullying. Not a pleasant reading experience.