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Forever Promised - Amy Lane Made it up to 50%, but enough is enough. This book is getting on my nerves majorly, the whole time and I just can't take it anymore. It started with information overload in the beginning, which initially I thought was ok to bring me up-to-speed again with the story. Mind you, my memory isn't the best and it was quite some time that I read the previous book. Only, soon my appreciation turned to irritation due to people appearing like I-don't-know-what, people with names - friends, kids, women, men, and all the time there was a new one and I was thinking, wait, do I know them already, do I have to know them? Do we need them for the story???

And then there was Benny. She was, as far as I remember, a nice addition to the story in previous books, but here now she was the ├╝ber-mom, know-it-all, having the cure to Deacon's sadness over loosing his longtime friend due to moving away. Yes, she came up with the wonderful remedy for a bad patch: have a baby!

On top of that the way the story was told with different POVs every chapter and a somewhat sketchy timeline, which didn't add to my reading fun.

All in all I'm rather proud of myself for making it up to said 50%, but that's it.