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An Unlocked Heart - K.C. Wells 3.5 stars
So, I left reading the final chapters for today, so that I then could write my take of the story promptly. Well, I liked it, a lot, although there were things I didn't like, so it's more like a mixed bag. I liked Alex, a lot, how he knew he was gay, but only bit by bit realized what really appealed to him. His shyness at the beginning was endearing. Then Leo, still mourning his deceased lover/sub and suddenly realizing, this young man is special and then going after him. Very compelling to read. What I didn't like was the predictable conflict, thankfully it wasn't drawn out too much. Then the family, I really didn't get why this whole situation was so unbearable for Alex, at least until he came out to his family. Then they were rather horrible. I'm not sure what to think of the mentioning of other M/M books; I'm a huge fan of the Deviation-series and as that I liked it, on the other hand I think it wasn't necessary for the plot. Overall, there were things I didn't like, but Alex and Leo were just too cute, so I had to read on for their happy ending, which btw. felt more like a HFN, but as I think the next book will be about Thomas, I'm hopeful we will see more of Alex and Leo then.