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Latakia - J.F.  Smith July 2013 "Pick it for me" challenge book, picked by Monica

4.5 stars
Thank you, Monica, for picking this book for me. What a great read! Yes, the start was a bit bumpy for me, I was on the verge of DNF as Matt was a total doormat and was really getting on my nerves. Good friends talked me through it - Thank you for that! - and I'm very glad that I read on. It was a wonderful story and I loved Matt and Travis. It was a joy to follow Matt in his development from being said doormat to becoming more confident and forming a friendship with Travis and the other SEALs. In the wake of that he managed to get rid of the horrible boyfriend and find love with Travis. Travis on the other hand started as trying to talk Matt into helping them to accomplish their mission, came to realize that there was more to Matt, fell in love with him and finally had to acknowledge to himself that it wasn't possible to keep his private life and his job separate any longer. A few scenes were too patriotic for my liking, but overall this book was unputdownable.