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The Truth about Riley - Henrietta Clarke Where to beginn? The blurb was very interesting, I liked the cover, I bought it. Then my good friend Mandy asked about doing a BR. Great!

Overall it was a nice book; the idea was great and I really like the writing style of this author. Sadly there were several things bothering me. First, the blurb is about 80% of the story. I thought that there would be about 60% following the end of the blurb, sadly that wasn't so. Second, I liked the idea of getting to know each other and in the end falling for each other over the phone. It didn't disturb me in the least that they talked about all the mundane stuff happening.

But - and this is a big but, I was waiting for their actual meeting far too long. I think this whole part could have been shorten significantly without taken away from the story. I especially lost my patience when Riley still refused to meet Cam although both finally knew who the other was. There were two very nice scenes until finally they had their 'real' meeting in the end. Which gets me to my last big but, the ending, or better the no ending. I don't like it when authors end their books with a cliffhanger or construct the end of their story to force the reader to buy the next one. In this case now, the final scene wasn't finished. Might be, it's a fitting end for some readers, not for this one. It's only missing a few pages or some kind of epilogue. As it is now, I'm not sure I will buy the next book.

4 stars for the idea and the wonderful writing style, minus 1 star for unnecessary drawing out.