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Safeword (Power Exchange, #2) - A.J.  Rose Just finished and my head is empty, no idea what to write, besides: yes, I liked it very much. I have to think about it and get back later.

Ok, ETA: The long time I took to read this book didn't do it justice. Unfortunately I had stuff keeping me from reading on, but finally I got back to it for good and then I couldn't stop reading. Yes, both MC are living a bdsm partnership and if I remember correctly, the prequel was way more into it than this book. That said, you understand this book much better if you know the first book, as Gavin is still struggling with the events happening in book #1. So, quite some time into the book Gavin and Ben are having problems with their relationship. Then again his job brings problems of another kind into their life. This book deals more with their coping with the past, dealing with the criminal thread to Gavin's life and trying to find back to the way their relationship was, than with their bdsm side. The crimes are pretty gruesome; the only thing niggling me - sorry that there's again something like that - was that near the end still stuff happened and Gavin and co had to move from place to place to place and it all got a tad tiring to follow.
Nevertheless, the epilogue was wonderful.

Although this ending was wonderful and satisfying, I wouldn't mind to meet Gavin and Ben again, perhaps a year or so from now, learning about their life then.