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Still - Mary Calmes More like 2.5 stars
Ha! I did it - no DNF for me, nope. This was a mixed bag, really. A very interesting, gripping beginning, moving on to learning about Sivan's life as a single and his realizing that his relationship with Walter is far from over. Then the development that got totally on my nerves, unnecessary and unbelievable, only there to add some drama that wasn't even missing. I was reading a story about two guys separating and finding back together, not some harebrained revenge story of a drug addict co-worker turned stalker. Yes, I could have gladly done without that. Then, to wrap it all up - the reconciliation with Walter's family after all this time. Another over-the-top development I didn't need. So, I think, 40 pages less would have been about right for this story.