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Every Move He Makes - Barbara Elsborg More like 2.5 stars
Oh my goodness. Finally finished. I had so high expectations of this book, but in the end it fell short. The longer I read the longer the story took. For me the most disturbing thing was - no chemistry between Zak and Logan. Yes, sorry and with regard to that - a story either works or not, well here it rather didn't. Until the end I didn't get what they liked, let alone loved at each other. And the development at the end? Sorry, didn't buy it at all.
Overall: The story was good enough for me to finish reading, no DNF this time. I wanted to know the end and the storyline wasn't over the top, only perhaps a bit convoluted and therefore difficult to follow. Add to that the repetitiveness of sexual encounter followed by 'will never happen again', it got tedious.