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4.5 stars

I'm a huge fan of ZAM, she's among my favorite authors, an auto-buy and I have yet to read a book by her that I don't like. This was another one I really, really liked. I started yesterday morning and just couldn't stop reading. First, the unusual setting, finally something new to read about:) It was interesting to 'see' the crime and crime scene from another perspective. Then, both men, Jack and Ryan, came with a past, with emotional and in Jack's case physical baggage, if you can say that. I liked it very much that they weren't the perfect men who fell for each other, big misunderstanding and bang - happy end. No, these two met with their past present and with that doubts about the motivation of their building relationship. I liked their getting to know each other while doing the clean-up - that scene was excellent.

Dave - well, I was glad when Jack finally told him that what they had wasn't enough for Jack anymore. He needed more and Dave wasn't willing/able to give that. At that point their 'relationship' was over and for me there was no problem that Jack then got involved with Ryan. Now, the big scene where Dave gave away Jack's 'secret' - yes, someone had to tell it, but I still think it should have been Jack and eventually he would have done so.

Overall, I really liked the story, from beginning with the unusual setting til the end. I even liked the cat and it's no secret that I'm a dog person. My only niggle is: The end was too rushed. I would have liked to read more, have it drawn out a bit more. But that might be the indication of a well-told story, that you don't want it to end.