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Lenny For Your Thoughts - Anyta Sunday First: This was a buddy read with Mandy*reads obsessively*.

Finished, but I really had to think about it. As soon as it was on amazon I downloaded it and then started reading promptly. The story kept me interested and I couldn’t really stop reading.
I like Anyta Sunday’s voice very much, it still came through in this book, even if the way the story was told wasn't really to my liking. The switch between today and the flashbacks was increasingly getting on my nerves. At the beginning it had a nice flow, the length of the chapters gave enough progress of the story. The further along I was reading, the chapters got shorter and the flashbacks interrupted my reading flow. Adding to that some misspellings and questions about the timeline. Thankfully then the story stayed in the present, only to – again – give flashbacks, but from other POVs .

I liked Lenny - his love for his Oma, his tight bond with his friends Ben and Julien and the way his love for Julien came through in the different glimpses we got to see. I didn’t like that due to the way the story was told, for me Julien remained aloof and not as involved. Therefore the development in the end was a bit hard to believe, at least for this reader.

Nevertheless after I finished reading I realized that I still couldn’t stop thinking about it and in my mind I still was in the setting of the story. Anyta Sunday did a very good work with that. It remained in my head as if I had watched a movie. I only would have preferred to read the chronologic version.

Even after sleeping a night over it, Lenny and Oma and friends are still with me, therefore 4 stars.

ETA: Mandy's review pretty much says it all.