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Zone Defence - Leigh Jarrett Yes, it was free and I have to say - I'm glad I didn't pay for it. No, I didn't really like it. It started with a ridiculous first chapter, then it moved on to some kind of relationship, more like on and off again, between Nathan and Aaron. The cheating of Aaron with regard to his girlfriend didn't bother me much, as it was like he had to figure out some truth about himself. So far so good, but the whole story lost me when after Aaron's coming out, breaking up with the girlfriend and both having a wonderful time together, suddenly within just a few pages, not only Nathan broke off with Aaron, but on top of that there was a time leap of 10 years - suddenly we are in Vancouver and of course, you might guess it: Both meeting again accidentally and within a few minutes they not only exchange I-love-you's, no, they 'reacquaint' if you know what I mean and are talking about moving in together and Aaron relocating his law firm across the country. Sounds like a bit too much? Yes, definitely for this reader. So, I will give the follow-up story a go.