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Falls Chance Ranch (Falls Chance Ranch #1) - Rolf,  Ranger First read: From February 1 - 4, 2012

How did I get so lucky - another wonderful read! Yes, it's a looong story. Yes, there is no sex. Yes, there was all this spanking and cuddling. But I have to say: I love this story. Dale's journey from the beginning of the book til the end was very well written and totally believable, especially his struggles in the end as he is not miraculously fixxed. In parts it was rather heartbreaking to watch his attempts at getting a grip on himself and to stop falling back into the behavior that brought him to the ranch in the first place.
I also liked the other men very much, how different they were and how they complemented each other - especially Riley was fun! So, I'm glad that there are 3 more books in this series and now I start with #2.

ETA: Started a re-read today, 04/13, finished 04/16

Still as wonderful as the first time I read it. Nothing else to add :)