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Noah - Ben Ryder Let's start with the writing style: Every chapter started with the now (which was in fact in the future, don't know why), some paragraphs about what the protagonist was doing waiting for something. A short view to the index cleared that - he was waiting for a call. Then it moved on to 4 months earlier, where he had to do a job in Toronto and there meeting Noah. The story unfolded and until some point it was a really engaging story. But slowly the woman in the story got more and more aggravating, infatuated with Noah and trying to manipulate Callum to help with problems at work. More and more she was portrayed as scheming, but harebrained and obviously only there to create drama for the storyline. In the end Callum was the know-it-all, not only besting Amy, but getting the whole project done and even provide Noah with more hockey-time. What a man.