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Three Little Words - Allison Cassatta I really wanted to love this book, I liked the blurb and I really liked the other books by this author. I don't know whether it's my mood or whether I'm just nitpicking, but there were several things disturbing me, e.g.:
The murdered brother of Matt and Mark, mentioned the first and only time at about 25% into the story, that alone is not the problem, but Matt got to know about him when he was 15 and then only because he accidentally found a photo? Then the timeline regarding their ages got out of order.
There was a name mix-up of the brothers, but I guess that can happen with both named Matt and Mark (and then the ex-wife was Ellen, I think, and the new love interest Emma). Yes, I'm one of those not in favor of similar names/names starting with the same letters.
There were kids mentioned, but nothing about their ages, let alone how many.
There was the Harley Matt drove to New England, then he had to return home to Memphis via plane to get ASAP to the injured Luke, only to then drive around on that Harley in Memphis!
Other than that the story was nice, so let's blame it on the editing.
2.5 stars.