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Lover at Last - J.R. Ward 3.5 stars
Finished! It felt as if I was reading this book longer than I actually did. So, now what to say? I liked it, not as much as the first books of this series, but a lot more than the horrible Phury-book. Yes, I'm with other reviewers that overall Blay and Qhuinn were not enough 'there' in their own book. Furthermore the drawing out of their relationship, this not-telling of the break up with Saxton, hard to believe. On top of that the confrontation and then their talk with the ensuing epilogue, way too much for this reader. And yes, all the side stories took away the focus of the main couple - and some were not that interesting. But - this is nothing new to the BDB books! It's how Ms. Ward is writing this series and I have to say - she got me back. There was not one moment that I thought of dnf this book, there were enough interesting developments that I liked to follow and I had to read on to see the happy ending for Blay and Qhuinn. I, for sure, will read the next book with Wrath and Beth, can't wait for that one:) Overall this was a good read.