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End of the Innocence - John  Goode 3-3.5 stars

Sorry, but obviously I'm the only one not being a fan of this book. Up til about 50% I think the most important thing of this story was THE PARTY. Shall we attend, I want to attend, will you accompany me, no I don't want to go, you have to go to show your support for the gay rights, you have to go because I want you with me, no I don't want to go, well you need something to wear to THE PARTY! Yes, I know teenagers and they can be self-centered and a tad bit shallow, but come on - this was a bit too much.

Then of course during THE PARTY something bad happened, which then got out of proportion with a tragic ending. Over all of that development there was Kyle, knowing everything and all and of course seeing to a fitting revenge in the end. Well, rather over the top for me.