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Other Things (Chicago Stories, #1) - Ryan Whitaker Before writing anything about the book: This is my opinion :) it might be totally different for other readers. After reading a special blog post a few days ago, I think this is a fitting start. So, off to the book.
I have to say, this was not the book for me. Yes, I realize it's the first book by this author and I don't know what will develop in the future with this series, right now this book for me belongs into the category of interesting blurb, quite beautiful cover and then - let-down. While reading I couldn't put my finger on what was wrong for me - the writing style or the construction of the story. After finishing I think it's the writing style.
The beginning was very interesting and unusual. Only while progressing I had the feeling of gaps that were not filled or settled rather smoothly (just a couple of minor things: Jake was described as being rather wealthy, working as a psychologist; why then should he be able to help solving the problems of the waste-proceeding-company of his family? His own troubles in the past were mentioned and then with picture-perfect handling of his family done with it.) and when finally the motive of the beginning scene was revealed it was rather far-fetched. The whole time while reading I had the question 'Why?' in my head. In the end, although the mystery was solved, I still had the feeling as if my why-questions weren't.