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A New Dream - C.J. Baty Nice cover, interesting blurb, ARe's rebate = bought. It started nice enough, although I couldn't understand how he could teach skiing with his bum knee, nevertheless I was drawn into the story right from beginning. It sadly went downhill from there. Insta-love was not the problem for me, but this was: the constant back and forth of Walt. I love him, but he can't love me because of my knee. Oh, he will stay with me, no, he will leave in a few days. He will be back, no he won't. And then his jealousy of the manager. Curt told Walt over and over that the guy is only the manager and still, moping, unbelieving, jealous Walt. There was a nice happy ending, but that couldn't save the story. Add to that the end came at 65% on my kindle :(