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Ty's Obsession - S.J.D. Peterson Somehow I decided to start reading this series with this book after reading some not so good reviews regarding book #1 and 2. Yes, I was hesitant about getting into it, but thought that normally an author gives a bit of a backstory for new readers so it shouldn't be a problem. Consider me surprised when here the backstory took about 30% with centering around all the other key players. Sadly for this reader that made it a tad difficult to get into the whole thing. I found myself not getting engaged with any of them. Finally Ty's story took the front and it got better, only to turn into the big happy ending of Quinn's and Lorcan's story arc. Ty? Not really. At least I already got 'Riveted' which is said to give us Ty's HEA. Let's hope for the best.