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Pierced - Ash Jay 2.5 stars
Ok, where to start. I read the blurb on amazon, it was interesting, so I tried the sample and despite some niggles bought it and started reading. So far so good. Then during the first about 40% I lost count of the sex scenes, started skimming them and getting bored. The whole thing looked lik pwp and wasn't really what I was looking for. So, I took a break but refused to move it to the dnf and therefore today I resumed reading.

Suddenly this whole book changed. From one moment Shaun having sex whenever possible with his two friends and then moving on to a relationship with Chris, suddenly we read about Shaun being an addict, drinking and taking pills, loosing control and then loosing Chris. This wasn't what I expected and had I known before I wouldn't have bought this book.

I would have appreciated a hint in the blurb, although then I probably wouldn't have bought it. Don't get me wrong - the whole writing and describing the addiction and Shaun's fighting it was really good and got me reading on, so if you like that, this is your book.Yes, for the set-up of that part of the story probably the extended sex-spree in the first part of the book was necessary, but for this reader it was like reading two different books. I might give this author another try, but I'm sure that I won't read this book again.