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Precious_boy - K.Z. Snow Some time ago I realized that there are authors, not few of them, whose books I buy because of the interesting and compelling blurbs, but then, silly me, the books are sitting on my TBR forever. Why? No idea. One of this authors for me was KZ Snow. I was under the impression that despite the compelling 'I want to read this' blurbs the books in fact would be dark, heavy and dreary. This first week in 2013 I decided to finally read all my waiting KZ Snow books and what can I say?

Sorry, Ms. Snow!!! Every one of your books I read this week was a wonderful experience. This one was another beautiful read. I loved the development of Jon's and Ethan's relationship, from first meeting and realizing, yes, we knew each other years ago. To, on Jon's part, acknowledging and accepting the attraction to the younger man. The journey to their HEA. What a wonderful love story.