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From the Inside Out - Talya Andor What's the best to say about a book? I couldn't put it down. That's exactly what happened with this book. It is a very good YA story about first love. At the beginning the writing style was a bit detached for me, but I was drawn in pretty soon. Soren knew for quite some time that he is gay, but as there was no significant other there was also no reason to tell his family about it. In fact he is happy to just remain unnoticed at work as well as at home. Then he decided to meet his online friend True in RL and - surprise, it's the guy from work he already had a huge crush on, Lucas.

After a rocky start we follow those two while their relationship progressed from simply seeing each other to dating to love, all of that with a believable time-frame. Although Lucas is only about a year younger than Soren, he is way more experienced. He likes boys and girls, but after a bad break-up with a boy he decided to take the easy way and have more or less one-night-stands with girls.
It is endearing to follow their getting to know each other, the deepening of their relationship and in the end their growing up as well. I can totally imagine them a few years down the line, finishing their education and moving on to start working and living together.

Wonderful story all around - flowing along quite nicely, no angst, no big misunderstanding, just one dense mother.