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Mr. Anonymous - K.C. Grim Finished! And I have to say, I had to force myself to not abandon it. The blurb really sounded interesting, so I was looking forward to reading it, sadly it didn't measure up to my expectations. I was puzzled when Percy, 'boss' of the company, acted like a 15year old with jumping up and down in front of his computer after receiving answering mail from a new contact, Max. Then the story flowed along with all the thoughts of Percy regarding Max and with his infatuation and on the other hand his anxiety to suddenly being outed as gay. The whole development left me rather impatient and not really involved. Then there was a turn near the end which for me was totally unnecessary. I had the feeling, it was just added because some drama was missing. Sorry, nope, for me the book would have been fine with a nice HFN/HEA after meeting for the first time in RL. The added chapters didn't relate to previous two thirds of the story.