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The Hand-me-down - Zahra Owens Despite the set-up being a storyline I don't really care for - deadly ill MC trying to secure the well-being of his better half - it pulled me in from the beginning. Poor Jamie, with his past and now being in a secure environment, only to have to deal with loosing it all again. Jez was very compelling in his journey from being a workaholic to putting someone else's well-being above said work. For me only the last few chapters were too much drawn out. The development with Pablo and his neighbor was unnecessary and the appearance of an heir and then conveniently disappearing didn't add to it. And btw. what's with Jez' job? Did I miss something? At one point he left for Spain to work on his part of the new company he started together with best friend Kee, but then - nada? One visit to Rome and that's it? So, there were a few things that didn't add up for me.