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Something Like Winter - Jay Bell Oh well - I just finished, so where to beginn with the review? First I was awaiting this book VERY MUCH, so as soon as it was released it was on my kindle. Then I started reading and I don't know whether I'm a bit strange, but when I start reading a very-much-anticipated-book I try not to read/finish too soon, so I take breaks in between and read some shorts to ease down the whole thing. So, sometimes it happens that then I won't return to my main book for quite some time, but as you can guess that was just not possible with this book.

I came back, always fearing the next turn to the worst. As I read 'Something Like Summer' early last year and my memory isn't the best I only remembered the main occurrences, so today I started reading both books parallel to fill the missing blanks. I'm very glad that in SLW the story progressed beyond the end of SLS.

Both books work very well together and in SLW Jay Bell managed to present Tim in a way that his actions in the other book became comprehensible and because of that I started to feel for him. Yes, he did some crappy decisions along the line, but at some point he started to pull himself together and lived his life. All the get-togethers between Ben and Tim in SLS that were rather aggravating for me, in this book we got the background and that worked in favor of Tim.

I think the one paragraph near the end summed it up perfectly, that without their time apart they wouldn't have met Jace and Eric and that would have been a shame.

If possible I would rate this book with 6 stars.