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The Hot Floor - Josephine Myles Started reading yesterday, more or less only stopped for sleeping, so it's safe to say I liked it very much. Although I can't really put my finger on what was missing, but something obviously was.

I liked all three of the MCs, I liked the other tenants and I'm really glad that they were just nice additions and not over the top like in some other books I have read. Nevertheless I would have loved to read about some closure regarding the housing problems and not the easy way of moving out. All the hints throughout the book lead this reader to expect more of that storyline.

I liked the chemistry between Evan, Rai and Josh, nevertheless I wanted to shove Josh and shout: Get a grip of your insecurities and just start talking! They were really hot together and the epilogue was a nice, fitting end.
Still I cannot figure out, what's missing, but somehow I have the feeling that I needed a tad bit more.