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Saving Sean - Con Riley Well, I finished it - that's about the most positive I have to say about it right now. Up to about 60% it was a nice, compelling read, but then it got tedious. With a title like 'Saving Sean' what do you expect? Saving this Sean from either some emotional turmoil or something like 'The Fugitive' :) What you don't expect is saving Sean from the tons of paper his hoarding deceased dad has left behind.

Yes, I totally loved 'After Ben' and I hoped/expected another fascinating and gripping tale, but sorry, this wasn't it. All the driving back and forth of Peter and the storyline with the sister were thoroughly annoying. If Maggie's hangup with Sean's leaving was still that big, why not tell her the truth behind it?
And the final 10% were totally harebrained. Sorry, but after sticking to the story for some 350 pages, this end was rather ???, at least for this reader. Yes, I'm still a bit aggravated. Sorry.

So, as I'm - at least trying to - always thinking positive, I'll give the next book another try, but if that is another let-down like this one, sorry Ms. Riley, but that then will be the last of it.