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Chase in Shadow  - Amy Lane Finally finished!!!! This was a very difficult book to read. For me there was no humor, it was rather depressing from beginning to end. Even the compelling love story was overshadowed by the always present and annoying girlfriend. Ok, not the girlfriend was annoying, but the situation Chase put her in and then had her appearing, at least in his thoughts all the time! I'm not generally opposed to cheating, it always depends on the story - in this one I hated it. Even the point when Chase broke down and cleared the air left me rather flabbergasted. There the story lost me completely. And then on top of all - a child. Yes, that was what was missing - not. Sorry, but this was not my favorite read by Ms. Lane and I won't reread this book, that's for sure. Although I'm rather proud of myself - I finished it, yeah!

2.5 stars