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Missing - Drake Braxton 2.5 stars
This book is very difficult to rate. It started out as a mystery and as a good one, really. I couldn't put it down and felt with poor Blain looking for his missing husband. But then the story changed into something entirely else and had I known that in advance, I'm sure I hadn't bought it. I'm not a fan of reading about people on a self-destructive path. Nevertheless, the writing was very compelling and drove me to read on and not throw it on my DNF-pile. The story ended on a positive note, but that didn't help in my overall opinion. I'm sure I won't do a re-read of this book. Am I glad that I read it - still not sure, but I tend to say 'nope'. So, rating: 1.5 stars for the story, 1 star on top for the writing.