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When Memory Fails - D.W. Marchwell 1.5*
I finished it and in a fairly decent time:) Nevertheless the whole book felt totally unbalanced for me. First of all the repetitive 'smaller man' 'younger man' were getting increasingly on my nerves. On top of that the important milestones of the relationship were told in hindsight, whereas there were sex-scenes amass, so much that from some point on I only skimmed them. The whole family-related storyline was rather disappointing. First the sister was happy and supporting, then she was on the side of the father and strangely absent. The mom who couldn't care less about her son in the past, but then suddenly evolved to the only one supporting him. And to top it all - the child-issue. It was every now and then pushed to the main issue, only to then vanish again. For me it seemed as if the author lost the thread while writing.