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Know Not Why - Hannah  Johnson 4-4.5*

I just finished reading this book and now try to get my thoughts in some orderly written form. First, although the formatting and editing of the book is very good and it's rather long with 100.000+ words, I still think that $9,99 is too expensive for an unknown, self-published author. 2-4$ less would have been a fair price. Especially when thinking of similar quality books sold for 2,99$. Nevertheless the blurb and the cover got me to buying this book.

Now, the story: The first few pages were very nice, got me into the story and I was looking forward to reading on. At about 6% the development was so over the top that I was thoroughly annoyed. On top of that Howie was getting on my nerves with his inner dialogue. I was really thinking of putting this book on my DNF shelf, but having paid this outrageous price, I refused to give up just yet and have to say - I'm glad. At some point the annoying things were toned down and I really started enjoying reading about Howie in denial.

I very much liked the development of Howie, his growth, coming to terms with his being gay and finally accepting his life and even loving it. His relationships with his coworkers, friends and family changed and grew at a believable pace.

Overall I have to say, it was a very good read, even if during the last third of the book I always was waiting for some drama to happen, but nope; it's just one nice story flowing along without any angst, drama or big misunderstanding. Thankfully it's also a story without the 'evil' woman.

So, coming to the end: I will definitely read another book by this author, but only if it's available for a reasonable price.