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Coming Home - M J O'Shea 2.5*

Up to 67% this was a 5* read for me. Poor Tally having to return to his hometown with no achievement whatsoever in his life. Then he started working and it was a bit of a long stretch this not-recognizing of Lex, but nevertheless the whole story was a very good read. Well, until the mom reappeared and I couldn't understand that part of the story whatsoever. She threw her son out of her life, had no contact and out of the blue she visits and issued demands towards Tally? Sad to say, it just went downhill from that on. The whole storyline with Brock and Drew was just totally harebrained; I simply couldn't follow the rift between Tally and Lex. I think this story would have been a lot better with about 50 pages less. A nice HEA after the hospital stay - which was another WTH moment, first Lex is in the ICU, but a few hours later he could go home??? - would have been welcomed by this reader.