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Better - Jaime Samms Initially I wanted to go with 3.5 stars, but after thinking about it, I decided on 2.5 stars. I have to say, that this book wasn't really working for me. There were several scenes I liked very much, f.e. the meeting between Jesse and David. But Sarah was getting on my nerves the longer the story proceeded. I didn't really understand the development between Jesse and Aadon, what they liked in each other and what went wrong between them. For me it was too much thought and not enough action, so to say. Much background was given in just a few sentences, f.e. the withdrawing of funds by Aadon's parents, but nothing really on page. Then there was the BDSM-tag, which, I think, is totally misleading, as it's about abuse and rape. Overall for me there was too much thinking and not enough acting and most of the time I didn't get what the problem between their misunderstandings were. I will definitely try another book by this author, especially as I have another one on my TBR :).