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Talker's Graduation - Amy Lane After a bit of time thinking about it and - I have to confess - reading some of the other reviews, I have to say: Sorry but the writing style of this book didn't do it for me. Might be, because English is my second language; might be, because I like a story progressing linear, but this whole book seemed like looking through a kaleidoscope, nothing really fits together, but overall you get the picture. Em - nope, sorry to say I couldn't get the whole picuture as I had the feeling, there were always some parts missing F.e. the episode with Shelley ???? It was thrown into the story, but it was just a glimpse. Without it, nothing would have been amiss. As during the whole book it was rather difficult to put a time frame on it, it took away most of my reading pleasure. Yes, it was their HEA, but for me it was not amazing, therefore 3.5*