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Life Doesn't Come With a Manual (But it Should!) - Lane Shelby 3.5 stars

I finished reading in a rather short time and enjoyed the story overall. It was a nice, compelling read that gripped me quite from the beginning. I liked Jonah's inner struggles with coming-to-terms with his sexuality, I didn't like that he in the course of that lied to almost all the people around him, most of all to his supposed girlfriend. I liked the way the relationship with Luke started and then progressed, I didn't like the slight turn into this purity/chastity status. I liked Jonah's determination after finally accepting his being gay to come clear to everyone, I didn't like how the author then unnecessarily prolonged the whole story. I really liked the mom! I didn't like the head hopping out of the blue during the last 15% or so. Nevertheless I will definitely read more by this author.