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Fifteen Shades of Gay (For Pay) - T. Baggins I have to confess, I already tried once or twice to read this book, but I didn’t get further than the first few pages. I’m glad that finally I was in the right mood for the right book and this time it was simply wonderful. Heartwarming, funny, a joy to read.

Andrew’s journey from denying being anything else than straight to finally being true to himself, acknowledging yes, I also like guys, and finding love along the way, that was very gripping. His relationship with Marie, although overshadowed by her grave illness it wasn’t sad and gloomy, no, there was a deep love between the siblings and the dialogues were fun to read. And yes, some Kleenex were needed along the line. In the end there was a very fitting, satisfying happy ending.

So, what’s missing for 5 stars? Nothing for this reader :)