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The Hardest Thing: A Dan Stagg Mystery
James Lear
Six Degrees of Separation
Taylor V. Donovan
Layla M. Wier
Owning Corey
Maris Black
Falls Chance Ranch Stand Alone Stories, Volume 1 (Falls Chance Ranch Stand Alone Stories, #1) - Rolf,  Ranger 4 stars + 1 star for giving me a warm feeling and leaving me with a smile on my face :)

Paget Creek Preview: 3 stars
The Landing Strip: 5 stars, poor Riley *sigh*, then happy Riley, finally we know how he came to the ranch.
Eagle Canyon: 4 stars
Echo: 4 Stars, Dale!!!
Will you Walk a Little Faster: 3 stars, rather disjointed.
Shenaningan's Overlook: 5 stars, this was so far my favorite! All my men together, what's not to love and the end? Hilarious! Thanks for the good laugh:)
Twelve Days of Christmas: 3 stars, looks like I'm the only one not being a fan of this story.
The Brig: 5 stars, well I have to confess: Dale is the favorite of the favorites:)
Keeper's Yard: Another 5 stars, and what a fitting end for this book.