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Fearless - Edward Jakab What a bad luck, that I started this book at the same time as 'Sidecar', so that might be a reason I had to stop reading at about 80%. It started very promising with the meeting of Jake and Drew and their friendship during the next years. Although Jake was in love with Drew more or less from the beginning, he kept that to himself, until at some point he told Drew. From then on the whole story moved in a way that was more and more difficult to follow. The escalating hurtful behavior of Drew and still Jake's infatuation with him were in parts painful to read. And then there was Eli, the other or real boyfriend. Poor guy, really. At some point I really had to stop reading. I'm sad to say - this could have been a very nice book and a good read, but the hurtful behavior of one MC to the other, the writing style (every now and then there was a sentence about the shirt, jeans, shoes they decided to wear?) and the inability of Jake to come to a decision - and stop being a doormat, hate reading about that - ruined the book for me. Yes, it was a steal for 3,50$ for the length of the book, but to be honest: As it is now it's still too expensive; with good editing, shortening/tightening the storyline it could have been a good read.